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What is my IP
Lenovo, the ever-expanding technology

Lenovo, the ever-expanding technology

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Founded in 1989, the Chinese company Lenovo is today another of the world's technology giants.

By the beginning of 2021, Lenovo was the largest seller of personal computers in the world by units, and, to give more scandalous data, since 1995 they have sold more than 500 million PCs worldwide.

It's not all about PCs. Lenovo also designs, develops, and manufactures tablets, smartphones, workstations, servers, supercomputers, electronic storage devices, IT management software, and smart TVs from operating sites around the world.

Lenovo is computer intelligence

It is no wonder that, with so many products, Lenovo has more than 63,000 employees serving customers in 180 markets and is a global benchmark for what a company can do for technology when it allows itself to create without limits.

Lenovo's corporate mission has been to shape computing intelligence. It commits to creating products with smarter technology for everyone.

And it is also one of the technology companies committed to the GSMA Digital Declaration, which identifies the values shared by the entire technology industry for an ethical digital future.

So maybe yes, this would be its only creative limit.

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Which Lenovo products might interest you?

You don't have to be a techie or be surrounded by computer experts. With Lenovo products, software and services, you'll have everything you need to realize your potential.

Take a look at their wide range of PCs, laptops, and tablets. The variety of features, sizes and prices is really impressive.

High-definition monitors, all the accessories you can imagine for your devices, smartphones, and innovative smart home solutions, a sector that seems to be on the rise and is also working very well for them.

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