What is my IP
What is my IP
MikroTik means good connectivity at a low cost

MikroTik means good connectivity at a low cost

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Created in 1996 the Latvian company MikroTik, is specialized in creating hardware and software devices to promote and improve Internet connectivity at affordable prices, which has allowed them a presence in most countries of the world in a very short time.

Their main activity is focused on the development of routers and wireless ISP systems. In addition, they used their experience in the use of standard hardware and complete routing systems to create in 1997 the RouterOS software system, which provides extensive connection stability, as well as control and flexibility for all types of data and routing interfaces.

MikroTik offers great value for little money

Although a relatively young company, MikroTik launched its hardware in 2002. This led to the birth of its well-known RouterBOARD brand.

MikroTik's computer products have found acceptance in various niche markets, as they are fairly inexpensive and of good quality.

MikroTik products are popular for DIY networking projects and low-budget applications. In a way, the simplicity in the installation of its devices also makes it a flagship of DIY computing.

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Do you need a router but you are on a budget?

Then take a look at the solutions offered by the MikroTik brand.

MikroTik has a device for every problem you may have.

MikroTik manufactures routers, switches, and wireless systems suitable for small office or home use. As well as more complex ISP networks.

Without a doubt, there will always be a MikroTik device for you.

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