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QNAP and Effective Data Storage

QNAP and Effective Data Storage

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The Taiwanese company QNAP (Quality Network Appliance Provider), has been one of the leading brands in data storage servers since its inception in 2004.

Despite its short lifespan, QNAP has managed to gain a foothold in international markets thanks to its comprehensive solutions in software development, hardware design and in-house manufacturing.

Focusing on storage, networking and intelligent video innovations, their products stand out for their usability, high storage capacity, security and reliable fast data access from anywhere in the world and on any device.

QNAP and its New Cloud Storage

QNAP is committed to creating and manufacturing sophisticated and powerful storage software systems, and has recently introduced a revolutionary new cloud NAS solution.

They have developed a cloud-based network infrastructure for users to host and develop artificial intelligence

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What can QNAP products offer you?

QNAP products offer solutions built to facilitate efficient data access and storage.

There are devices for home use, multimedia solutions, and devices for SMB and enterprise use. Improve efficiency in all areas of file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance in home and business environments.

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