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Tariffs Jazztel

The smart gigabyte operator

What is not spent is saved or shared. Jazztel offers all its customers "smart" gigabytes, a free service included in its plans that allows users to share data or accumulate gigabytes for the following month if they do not spend them.

The company also offers the MultiSIM service that allows the distribution of the megabytes of the data plan on different devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.). This service is not free.

Jazztel has different fiber Internet and mobile data plans to which users can add services according to their needs. All plans include the Jazztel line fee in their price.

Jazztel mobile and fiber coverage is provided through the Orange network. In telephony, the service is compatible with 4G, while in fiber customers can opt for 100 Mb or 600 Mb of symmetrical fiber. In locations without fiber, the Jazztel ADSL service at 30 Mb of VDSL is offered as an alternative.

This company offers the Jazztel Empresas service.

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