What is my IP
What is my IP

A fraudulent email simulates a WhatsApp Backup and installs a Trojan

September 29th. 2021


WhatsApp users, Internet users' associations and also some police officers have alerted through social networks about a new virus that arrives by email with the subject "Backup of WhatsApp messages. This email offers a link to download the history of conversations in this application, which should not be clicked if you don’t want to install a Trojan on your device. 

The message arrives with the same appearance and usual colors of WhatsApp and provides supposed information about the number of messages deleted, restored and read through the application, looking like a real information and causing confusion in the victims 

If we receive the message but we don`t use the link, the Trojan will not run and we only need to delete the message to get rid of the virus. But if we have opened the link, or downloaded and opened the zip file that arrives in some emails, then the device will be infected, and we will need to use an antivirus to detect the malicious software and destroy it.

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