What is my IP
What is my IP

Less than half of Spaniards change their passwords when they separate from their partner

October 5th. 2022


The email and social network accounts of one in five Spaniards (21%) have been subject to violation by a third party who has changed the passwords without the owner's knowledge or consent, attributing 37% of the victims this  wrong use to their ex-partners. 

This data comes from the recent study carried out by Avast and Dynata on the degree of knowledge that Spaniards have of the passwords of their partners or relatives. In this study more than 2,000 Internet users  have participated. 

Among the most striking results of this survey is that  the collaborators who say they still know their ex's passwords, 56% of them has admit that they even know, also, their professional email passwords. 24% of those surveyed also claim that their location has been tracked without their consent due to knowing their password. 

This behavior, the authors of the study explain, can be considerated as technological abuse, which can be further aggravated by installing spyware or 'stalkwerware' on other people's devices or controlling or harassing someone through home technology.

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