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What is IT maintenance? Prevention is better than cure

April 19th. 2021


Keeping our IT equipment in good condition is essential for the smooth running of the business.

The main goal of a good IT maintenance is to ensure the proper functioning of the hardware and software of our network and IT equipment and thus contribute to the overall efficiency of our business.

What is the purpose of computer maintenance services?

Computer maintenance services try to anticipate failures and offer us solutions to manage our computers and computer network, optimize their operation and secure all the information contained in our machines.

In case of incidents, a good computer and systems technician will solve them and also find the cause of the error to prevent it from happening again.

Benefits of hiring a computer maintenance and web maintenance service

Common computers, servers, hard drives, networks, connections and antivirus problems can be avoided or prevented if we carry out all their preventive maintenance needs.

Advance failure detection. Incidents can occur at any time, nipping them in the bud can save us a lot of headaches throughout the life of equipment.

Improve the performance and reliability of your computers and network. This ensures our software is always up to date, thus improving the efficiency, speed and machines operation and other connected equipment.

Prevents data loss. Data loss can wreak havoc. Keeping the equipment in good condition reduces the chances of these accidents that are completely neutralized if, in addition, our computer maintenance services include backups and contingency and recovery plans in case of disaster.

Improve our protection against cyber-attacks. Regular maintenance means that our systems have the latest and, potentially, most effective security software installed to prevent any problem with malware, viruses, spyware or other unwanted attacks.

Reduce our costs. With up-to-date computers we will always maximize their useful life and minimize the risk of loss due to unplanned downtime caused by computer problems.

It helps us to keep the website properly updated and backed up. The most complete IT services include additional high-value services such as web maintenance for companies and backups of the entire project so nothing is lost in case of problems.

What are the functions of a computer maintenance technician?

Periodic reviews of computers, equipment and networks. To ensure from day one that everything is working properly, the software is up to date and the hardware is adequate.

Server management with activity monitoring. To anticipate incidents or react immediately if they occur.

Backup copies. To prevent data loss both on physical equipment and in the cloud.

IT security. To keep machines protected and minimize the risks of viruses, computer attacks and improper intrusions.

User management. To guarantee exhaustive control of how and who can access the data stored on the company's computers and servers.

Remote and on-site technical assistance. Telephone support. To ensure quick resolution for major incidents and restore the service in the shortest possible time.

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