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What is my IP

Tariffs Movistar

The operator with the highest fiber coverage

Movistar is one of the largest mobile network operators in Spain. This company offers fiber-optic Internet, ADSL Internet, 4G/5G mobile networks, and pay-TV. Customers can purchase these services separately or as a bundle.

The most popular plans of this company are the Fusion plans, which include all the services: Internet, telephony, and interactive digital television.

Movistar is currently the operator with the highest fiber coverage in Spain. In addition, according to the results of the speed test carried out by our partner nPerf, this MNO has the fastest fiber Internet connection in the country.

You do not need to commit to a long-term contract to purchase one of the Movistar cell phone plans or Fusion packages. The customer only commits to a long-term contract if he/she signs it when purchasing a handset.

Movistar has a website called Mi Movistar, which allows customers to check bills, update data, activate services, etc. It also has Telefónica Empresas, a specialized portal for businesses and companies.

The operator with the highest fiber coverage

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