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What is my IP

Europe forces Apple to open iPadOS to third-party applications and allow the uninstallation of pre-installed apps

May 3rd. 2024


Apple will have to allow the installation of applications on its iPad tablets from sources other than the App Store, in addition to enabling the uninstallation of its own applications that come pre-installed.

This obligation comes after the European Commission, within the framework of the Digital Markets Law, has identified the operating system of iPad tablets, iPadOS, as a "gatekeeper" or "gatekeepers". This means that they consider it an important entry channel for professional users to reach final consumers, thus justifying the requirement for its universality.

As a result, Apple has a period of six months to comply with the rules imposed by European regulations and which aims to promote fair competition in the digital market.

These new measures imposed by the European Commission on Apple follow the precedent of previous decisions that affected the iOS operating system for iPhone, the Safari browser and the App Store itself and mean allowing users to delete applications that come pre-installed on their iPad devices. and offer support for downloading and installing applications from sources external to the App Store.

This change in operations for Apple, reported by Bloomberg in recent information, will imply a major adjustment for the company, which has traditionally maintained a closed ecosystem on its devices, allowing only approved applications and services through its official store. However, with this new regulation, iPad users are expected to have greater freedom and flexibility to customize their devices according to their needs and preferences.

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