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Orange transforms the gaming experience with AI and the 5G+ Stand Alone Network

February 29th. 2024


Orange has harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the advanced architecture of the 5G+ Stand Alone network, leveraging its fragmentation capabilities, to reinvent a Virtual Reality (VR) athletics video game from the 1980s. In this revamped version, users have the opportunity to become exceptionally realistic avatars, competing with other players located in various places.

The game employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately identify the user's anatomy and textures, creating the avatar. This process involves a three-dimensional volumetric scan of the subject, performed with a total of 21 cameras. Based on this detailed information, the avatar is created, allowing the player to participate in thrilling athletics races, competing against virtual opponents physically located in different locations.

Fragmentation technology for efficient virtual networks

During the game's usage, it leverages the capacity of network fragmentation technology to establish various virtual networks on the same physical infrastructure. This is achieved through efficient resource allocation tailored to the specific needs of the service, considering key aspects such as quality, availability, privacy, and security. In the case of Orange's VR game, it achieves this by prioritizing a fast and secure connection with minimal latency for an enhanced gaming experience.

Immersive Now by Orange

The presentation of Orange's athletics game took place at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the orange mobile telecommunications operator also showcased a virtual reproduction of its booth using the Immersive Now 360 platform for entertainment and events.

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