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What is my IP

Tariffs Orange

The operator with custom plans

Orange offers a wide and varied range of services. That is why there are very few operators that offer the same number of plans as this company. Each of its multiple plans is designed to meet the needs of a specific type of customer.

Orange offers Internet, TV, and mobile telephony services. You can purchase these services separately or as a bundle.

Both Orange Internet coverage and 4G Orange Mobile coverage operate through the company's own network. The deployment of 5G Orange Mobile coverage in Spain is underway.

The long-term contract you have to commit to varies depending on the plan. If you want to buy an Orange cell phone, you should know that the operator provides discounts and financing on its smartphones.

Some of the most popular Orange plans are:

  • The Orange Student Internet plan with 100 Mbps symmetrical fiber,
  • The Kid Orange plan, aimed at the youngest customers,
  • Orange Seguro Móvil, which guarantees the replacement of the handset within 24 hours in case of theft or breakage,
  • And all Orange plans for businesses. These plans include Internet, TV, landline, and mobile telephony services. These services can be purchased through the Orange Empresas app.

If you do not have a phone, you can contact Orange through the virtual assistant Djingo Orange hosted on the operator's website.

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