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Samsung, from Korea to the world

Samsung, from Korea to the world

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Samsung, here is another tech giant.

Since its creation in the late 1960s in Korea, this large company has been one of the most popular technology companies.

Its network extends through the manufacture of cell phones, televisions, household appliances, and nowadays even cars! Creative and innovative, Samsung never stops.

At Samsung, they dare to do anything

There is nothing better to be motivated than to keep creating.

Samsung knows this well, and it is a fact that, through innovation and a strong commitment to research, they have been transforming the market for televisions, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and countless digital devices.

Besides, thanks to their Smart Home and Digital Health initiatives, they improve the daily lives of many users with their network systems, medical devices, and LED solutions for the home.

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Shall we talk about the Samsung Galaxy?

Well, yes, it's true, Samsung has a myriad of great products, and its value doesn't boil down to just one product, that's why it's such a great brand.

But there is one thing this company is well known for, and it's worth noting: its line of smartphones.

The Samsung range of phones is the flagship of the brand. This company has sold billions of devices worldwide, from the most powerful phones on the market to more modest ones for those on a budget.

That's why the brand, in a way, globalized the smartphone. Who hasn't seen or owned a Samsung at some point?

At the very moment when we all started taking pictures like crazy, Samsung started working, boosting its smartphones to have the best screens on the market, with image quality and low battery consumption. And, no matter how many thousands of phone models there are, there will always be a Galaxy for you.

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