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Google Integrates Gemini AI into Google Ads

January 29th. 2024


Google has commenced the integration of Gemini's Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the conversational experience of its Google Ads service. This integration aims to assist marketing professionals in creating more effective advertising campaigns through the generation of specific content.

Conversational Experience Empowered by Gemini

Initially available for English-speaking advertisers in the United States and the United Kingdom in beta, this expansion will roll out globally in the coming weeks, with plans to include other languages in the near future. By providing the website's URL, the AI generates relevant advertising content, including creative pieces and keywords, facilitating the creation of optimized campaigns.

Suggestions for Tailored Images in Captivating Visual Campaigns

In an upcoming development, Google Ads' conversational experience will also include the ability to suggest images tailored to the campaign through the use of generative AI and materials from the advertiser's landing page. This feature, scheduled for implementation in the coming months, will provide advertisers with a comprehensive solution for creating visually appealing campaigns.

Google has emphasized that all images generated by AI in Google Ads will be clearly identified, thanks to the SynthID technology that places an invisible watermark accompanied by open standard metadata.

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