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Google launches new 'web' search filter for text-based results

June 12th. 2024


Google has introduced a new 'Web' search filter that allows users to get results based exclusively on text links to websites. This tool leaves out the informative and advertising content modules that normally appear in search results. The announcement of Google's new web search filter was made during the annual Google I/O developer event, where the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have also been presented.

A tool for cleaner web searches

The new 'Web' filter joins other existing filters such as 'Images', 'News' or 'Videos'. By enabling the 'Web' filter, users will only receive text links to websites, excluding knowledge panels, featured snippets, and shopping modules. Google explains that this option is ideal for those who prefer a cleaner search experience focused on traditional results. This approach, they explain, is useful, also, for those with limited Internet access.

According to Google spokesperson Ned Adriance, this filter, which also eliminates general descriptions made with AI, is now available globally and users can access this option in any search performed from Google.

More Google I/O News

In addition to the new 'Web' filter, Google also presented at its annual Google I/O developer event, improvements to its search service with AI Overview, a tool that provides quick answers and summaries generated by AI. At the moment, however, this functionality will only be operational in the United States, and it is expected to be extended to other countries in the future.

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