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Apple or the apple that ate the world

Apple or the apple that ate the world

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The fact that Apple is possibly and currently the most complete and well-known technology company in the world, seems a no-brainer.

Many articles must have been written about the origin and creation of the Apple brand and its history, back in 1970, with curious facts such as the fact that it was created in a simple garage, with few means and by some electronics freaks.

Who hasn't heard of Steve Jobs, a visionary who, together with his two colleagues at the time, revolutionized the world and certainly changed history in many ways. At least, that of technology.

Apple, from the garage to the present day. Over the years it has managed to become a technology giant with an impressive number of products, manufactured with technological quality and cutting-edge design.

The Apple world

An infinite one.

The amount of products in which Apple is the world's leading brand and how long it has been so is incredible: iPhone, iPad, iMac, iPod, iCloud, Airpods, Homepods...the list is endless, and these few names are already part of the collective imagination that is the brand.

The Apple world also includes incursions into the world of television, arcade, music, in short, everything and more, and it's going to be non-stop, because they continue to explore and innovate at a breakneck speed, always paying attention to the demand of the general public.

And of course the Apple world is also its legion of fans and unconditional supporters. The brand status is not only associated with professionals in certain sectors as it was at the beginning, but its use and desire has spread and somehow democratized.

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Is Apple always a trendy brand?


Whether you like it or not, they set the pace for most brands. They are leaders in mobile technology, their smartphones disrupt the market every time they are launched, wireless headphones, smart speakers, laptops and desktop computers, Apple has everything you want and need, and if not, it won't take long for them to make it.

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