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Google Health will be use to study the impact of mobile phones on our mental health

June 1st. 2022


Spaniards spend an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes a day connected to the mobile. This time  multiplied from Monday to Sunday is the same as more than 25 hours a week, according to the Digital Consumer by Generation report. 

To analyze the impact of all this time of digital consumption on our mental health, a group of researchers from the University of Oregon (United States) has just announced that they will use the Google Health app to analyze how users use their smartphones and discuss how in the future, digitals products and devides can   make people happier, without falling into dependency. 

In their work, they will measure factors such as sleep or physical activity, for which they will also use the data collected by Fitbit, the activity bracelets owned by Google.

One of the researchers, Dr. Nicholas Allen, stressed that "some studies similar to the one that we are going to start,  usually condem the technology based on their conviction that it must be bad for mental health and well-being." . For this reason, he believes that  is not positive to focuses only on the potentially harmful effects of the use of the devices, and also is important to takes into account the benefits that they offer.

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