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The EU wants to make USB-C the charging standard for all electronic equipment

April 27th. 2022


The Commission for the Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Union has endorsed the proposal to make the USB type C charger the charging standard for all electronic equipment. With this decision, the  objective is be able to reduce electronic waste and the environmental footprint linked to its production. 

In addition, the unification of standards in a single model eliminates the need for consumers to have a new charger every time we buy a new smartphone or other electronic devices, such as computers, peripherals, digital cameras and game consoles. 

The statement issued by the European Parliament indicates that the only equipment that will be left oyt of the implementation of the new standard will be the one that is too small to use it, such as smart watches or health trackers. 

The next steps related to this approval is reach an agreement with the EU governments on the final form of the legislation that will regulate the obligation to convert USB-C into a standard charging port for all electronic equipment.



The EU is committed to making USB-C_the charging standard for all electronic equipment

The introduction of the same charger for all devices aims to reduce electronic waste

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